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Computer Aided BrakeCheck Software

CabCheckS is the PC software that enables BrakeCheck brake test results to be downloaded a PC.CabsCheckS PDF

CabCheck software is preferable to a portable printer as it lets you download, store and print brake tests from your PC. Printing onto a sheet of A4 will show professionalism and quality compared to the portable hand held print outs. And another bonus is the BrakeCheck and a PC kit is cheaper than buying a BrakeCheck and printer.

When downloading brake test results from BrakeCheck vehicle and examiner ID’s are prompted to enter, an additional option of adding extra details comments can be made on the ground condition, brake maintenance, weather and performance. Printing tests and saving to the PC hard drive is at the click of a button.

Each printed test report is embedded with your company name; this is optional to enter on installation.