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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Is this an updated version of the old Tapley Meter?

A. Yes, BrakeCheck is the modern day Tapley Meter. Today’s companies are asked to prove with a print out that a brake test has been undertaken, BrakeCheck can so this and Tapley Meters cannot.

Q. How often does it require calibrating?

A. Every 24 months, the BrakeCheck will be recalled by post or email 4 weeks prior to the due date.

Q. Is the BrakeCheck VOSA Approved?

A. VOSA approve the BrakeCheck for ALL CLASSES within the MOT specification as back up to a roller brake tester, for commercial vehicle brake testing a deceleroemter is accepted for an inspection sheet brake test. A VOSA certificate is supplied with each order and can be emailed in PDF format.

Q. What speed is a test undertaken?

A. For a commercial vehicle we recommend the service brake to be undertaken at approximately 20 Kph and the Hand / Secondary at approximately 12-15kph.

Q. Can I test a HGV trailer with this brake tester?

A. VOSA have said they will accept the BrakeCheck for a trailers inspection sheet brake test. Firstly test a tractor unit then test the tractor and trailer, if the combination shows a lower braking efficiency than the tractor unit alone, then this would be classed as a fail.

Q. What can this brake tester be used to test?

A. The BrakeCheck can be used on anything that moves, from a motorcycle, quad bike to a truck, bus, coach, tractors and off road mining vehicles.

Q. Is the brake tester connected to the vehicle?

A. There is no connection to the vehicle; this portable brake tester simply sits on the floor around the driver.

Q. Does the printer require new ribbons & paper rolls?

A. No ribbons are required as we supply thermal printers; paper rolls are required and can be purchased from your supplier.

Q. Can I download this brake tester to my PC?

A. Yes, we can offer a kit with a PC download called CabCheckS or you can print via a portable printer.

Q. Can this be compared to a roller brake tester?

A. A decelerometer can not be 100% compared to a roller brake tester, although with a little experience a user will get a very good understanding of the performance of a brake system if testing prior to an annual MOT test.

Q. How many tests will the BrakeCheck hold?

A. BrakeCheck Standard can hold up to 3 tests, service, hand & secondary. We also offer BrakeCheck Plus that holds a 99 test memory on the service and also on the hand brake.

Q. Is the BrakeCheck battery powered?

A. Yes the BrakeCheck is battery powered, from full charge the BrakeCheck will carry out approximately 300 tests. The printer is also battery powered. A charger for the BrakeCheck & printer is supplied as standard with each product.

Q. What’s brake efficiency?

A. The ability of the brakes to perform their function is popularly known as braking efficiency and in most countries; legally enforceable regulations require that all road vehicles have an efficient braking system. In assessing braking efficiency, it is usual to consider the effect which the brakes achieve when they are applied.

Brake efficiency is the action of applying the brakes which sets up a force effective at the road surface, this acts in the opposite direction to the motion of the vehicle and causes it to slow down or decelerate.  Deceleration is normally compared to a standard value (the acceleration due to gravity g) and reported as a percentage of "g".

Q. Does the vehicle have to be loaded?

A. The inspection sheet brake test is an unloaded sate, if an operator decides that a lorry should be tested loaded (e.g. earth moving tipper) we advise to remark this on the print out.

Q. What is a pass and fail for my vehicle?

A. For all vehicles a service brake should reach a minimum 50 % peak deceleration, for commercial vehicles 16 % for parking brake and 25 % for a secondary brake. The latest VOSA guidelines should be reviewed.

Q. What will the BrakeCheck tell me?

A. BrakeCheck will report how good all your brakes are at once. The decelerometer will also measure a pull left or right, this measurement will help identify individual wheels, a stopping distance and speed at braking is also reported.

Q. VOSA ask for a regular brake test, is this brake tester suitable?

A. Yes, BrakeCheck is accepted for a statuary commercial vehicle inspection.

Q. What warranty do I get with this brake tester kit?

A. BrakeCheck and all accessories are covered for 12 months from date of purchase.

Q. How does the BrakeCheck work?

A. BrakeCheck is an electronic instrument that measures deceleration, electronic components take measurements such as g force and time, with this information further information can be obtained such as speed or stopping distance.

Q. Do I have to be trained to use this brake tester?

A. There is no formal training required, simple user guides are supplied electronically in PDF or laminated within the kit. Phone technical support is offered to answer any questions or to undertake a live test.

Q. Is this a decelerometer?

A. Yes, BrakeCheck can also be known as a deceleroemter or even Tapley meter.

Q. Do I have to get an electronic deceleroemter for my MOT Bay?

A. The MOT test is rapidly changing, all MOT stations will have to purchase a electronic decelerometer to replace the old Tapley Meter or mechanical brake tester. In the future BrakeCheck will communicate with the Siemens PC and download all brake test data. A high percentage of MOT stations are upgrading to BrakeCheck now.